The history of the Hermès Birkin bag

When to talk about luxury handbags, we will never fail to mention Hermes Birkin bags.
These are the most famous and the best in terms of quality.

History and origin of Hermes Birkin bags

The origin of Hermes Birkin bags dates back the inspiration that was made by British actress and singer called Jane Birkin. The idea came across on her journey across London. She had a short talk with CEO Jean-Louis Dumas and told him that she wanted a bag that could help her carry her Hermes datebook and also have an extra space to take other things. From her explanation, she got a Hermes Birkin bag made for her. As we speak today, these bags are status symbols for people of class. These bags come in all shapes and size. The leather quality used to make these bags cannot be compromised.

Designing and making one Hermes Birkin bag.

A single high-quality Hermes Birkin bag takes nearly 48 hours work to make it.
Due to the work and the quality needed, these bags are made carefully to avoid mistakes. Most of these bags come with an outer cover that is used to keep away dust. Apart from that, Hermes Birkin bags come with a lock and key that is used to keep your belongings safe. The bags are made from a quality leather from ostrich, crocodile, lizard, and calfskin. During the process, the bags are made and stamped with a letter “H” as a symbol of authenticity.

Unique designs of Hermes Birkin bags

The Hermes Birkin bag designs are unique. Each bag made comes with a different design and even model. The novel of all is that there is always a limited supply of these bags. Thus if you need one, you can book and wait for up to years for your bag to be designed and delivered. The waiting duration will be extended depending on the people who are on the waiting. It is also good to note that the cost of Hermes Birkin handbags keeps ongoing. That means the longer you wait on the queue, the more you will pay for your bag.