The best Hermès charms to customize your bag

Hermes bag charms are cute accessories designed to help you create exactly the quirky and fun look that you want from your hand-bag. Best teamed with high-end hand-bags, these charming little key-ring look-alikes are authentic designer products, made by Hermes to accompany their fabulous hand-bags and purses, or to stand-alone as key-rings or mementos.

There are, broadly, two types of Hermes bag charms:

On Brand with Hermes

One group of the bag charms are all nods to the Hermes brand, which features an elegant horse and carriage on the logo. The brand-themed Hermes bag charms all have that same nod to the horsey world, many of them to do with racing or sports that are horse-based. These include the riding cap (bombe), paddock boot, and horseshoe: even a saddle – all important accoutrements to the modern rider and racer. Then there are a number of others: the horse’s head picked out in delicate metallic swirls, which is available in a number of different colours, from bright vibrant orange to sombre gunmetal grey.

These charms are individually delightful, but add a little extra touch to any hand-bag, simply because of the nod to the Hermes logo – that theme of horsiness and the equestrian world that runs through these delightful pieces.

Animals and Abstracts

As well as the horse-themed nods to the Hermes logo, bag charms also come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes, including a lot of animal shapes: from polar bears and squirrels and dolphins to various dogs (poodles and dachshunds amongst them), toucans and reindeer.

As well as animals there are seasonal shapes, such as snowflakes, hearts, Christmas trees and even geographic bag charms, for example, in the shape of Italy. In this way, a careful collector can build up a message with their charms, spelling out a story or imbuing their hand-bag with sentimental memories.

The final grouping of bag charms are the truly abstract: the bell-key charms in a host of different colours and colour combinations, all sorts of tassels, single and double, as well as tabs and loops, all enabling you to customise your hand-bag your way, to make your own unique statement when you are out and about being seen.

These unique and attractive accessories come in a range of sizes, from discreet ones the size of a coin, to more flamboyant palm-sized options. They are, as might be expected from Hermes, designer accessories, not cheap, but they will make you stand out in the crowd – and gain the admiration of those wise enough to recognise you for the afficionado you are!