How much is the average Hermès purse?

Do you need to know the cost of a Hermes bag? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. But before that, let’s learn some facts about Hermes bags. The word Hermes means style, extravagance and elegance. These bags are known for their bold colour, crisp shape and exotic skins.

So, how much is the average Hermès purse?

A Hermès purse is the most expensive handbag you can buy in the world. If you search online, you will see surprising price tags that can even leave your mouth wide open. For instance, a Himalaya Birkin 35 Hermès purse was bought for $500,000 by David Oancea. That means the real cost of Hermès purse is slightly below that. So far, David Oancea broke a world record through paying that amount.

Factors affecting the cost of Hermès purses

In most cases, the price of ordinary commodities is affected by demand and supply. But with Hermès purses, things are different. Some of the factors that affect their cost are;

Inclusion of precious stones and metals

Unlike other bags that have locks, keys and buckers made of stainless steel, Hermès purses are different. Any metallic part on these Hermès purses is made of either gold or palladium. Apart from that, you can have customized handbag decorated with some diamond. This feature makes Hermès purse more expensive. The production of Hermès purses is limited with time. There is no mass production, and each version lasts for a short time. That makes the bags very unique and hard to predict the next hit in the market.

The material used in making Hermès purses

The pride of Hermès lies on the quality of the material used to make these purses. Most of them are made using pure, high-quality leather. If you have seen genuine crocodile skin, these Hermès purses, are made using ostrich, lizard or even alligator skin.

Buying a Hermès purse is an investment.

Hermès purses are unique investments. Unlike other types of handbags that depreciate with time, the cost of Hermès purses appreciates over time. The value can rise to 500% over many years.That means the more you stay with your Hermès purse, the expensive it becomes.