5 facts about the Hermès Kelly bag you don’t know

Fashion industry has grown over the years. It has become a key component in the French economy. Overtime, Herme’s became the country’s largest fashion house. It provides its leather goods and accessories.

In the late 1800s, the company became famous because of the logos that they made for their handbags. The first leather handbag collection was manufactured in 1922 by Emile Maurice. The main reason for making the bag lays with his wife who complained that she has searched all through the stores and she’s yet to find a hand bag that fits her.

Facts about the Kelly Kandbag

The Kelly handbag has received attention in the fashion industry for years. We are going to see some of the factors that make this bag unique and one of a kind for the ladies.

1. It came into the spotlight as an accident

The bag was first recognised by the public after an incident with a famous actress broke out. A picture was taken when the princess of Monaco tried to cover her pregnancy using the bag.

2. Using of orange bags for packaging

During purchasing of these bags, the company packages the handbags in orange bags. It has taken shape through time and it has become a norm. It started these kinds of packaging style after the Second World War.

3. An icon in the movies

This bag has made its way to the movie scenes when it was used in the famous movie “le divorce”. The movie acted by Kate Hudson and Emma Watson. Given as a gift, the bag changes everything in the movie.

4. Storage of the original Kelly bag

The first Kelly bag safely found its way to the Victoria and Albert museum located in London. Originally seen in photographs of Princess of Monaco

5. The most expensive Kelly bag

The most expensive bag has a crocodile leather coating that comes from the Togo region. It’s estimated to have a price tag of up to US $ 120,000.